Public Safety

Armstrong County Emergency Notification System Disclaimer page

The Armstrong County Department of Public Safety provides the “Public Alerting and Notification System” Self-Registration Portal as a free service to our citizens. The system is provided in good faith with the understanding that it is the sole responsibility of the subscriber to register with the required information requested by the portal and that the subscriber shall be responsible for maintaining the information provided in a timely manner. It is also understood that the subscriber can remove themselves from the system at any time. The data that you provide will be stored in a secure manner and it will not be distributed outside the notification system unless required by law to do so.

By registering in the “Public Alerting and Notification System” you confirm that you understand that the safety notifications by the “Public Alerting and Notification System” should NOT be your only source of information - you should also pay attention and monitor other sources such as our Face book page, our web site, other social media sources, radio, television, and weather radios. I have read, understand, and accept these Terms and Conditions. I hereby request that “Public Alerting and Notification System” notifications be sent to the listed phone numbers and email address(es), for which I have legal authority to request transmission. 

We update the landline database on an annual basis from 9-1-1, all other types of device such as cell phones, Voice over internet phones (VoIP) etc. must be registered by following the code red link below. To do this, just click on the Code Red logo.