Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance is a program designed to verify adherence to established protocols, while developing and maintaining a high level of competency and efficiency, by providing positive reinforcement as well as correcting deficiencies.  QA creates a sense of ownership and responsibility for the work performed, to provide customer service at a level that always meets and/or exceeds your expectations.

Quality Assurance reviews are conducted by Tricia Bramlet, in accordance with PEMA regulations, in two distinct phases:  General and EMD. General QA reviews provide feedback on all types of calls excluding EMD. EMD QA reviews provide feedback for medical emergency calls and are in accordance with our APCO EMD program.  All full time staff members receive a minimum of two General QA reviews and two EMD QA reviews each week. Part time staff members receive the same schedule to the extent that they have worked that week.

Customer surveys will be mailed out to callers on a random basis.  If you have received a form please fill it out and send it to Armstrong County 911, 131 Armsdale Rd, Kittanning PA  16201  ATTN: QA.

If you would like to download and mail us a survey please click here.